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Please do not assume this package is up to date
A. Site Plans, Rollings Hyland Consulting.  [PDF: 9.3MB]

A.1 Application Form  [PDF: 2MB]

A.2 Summary Statement, Rollings Hyland Consulting, C.D. Laing Aggregate Management Services.  [PDF: 9MB]

B. Erosion Hazard Study, C.C. Tatham and Associates Ltd.  [PDF: 1.6MB]
    Update: January 2015  [PDF: 1.5MB]
    Update: January 2018  [PDF: 2MB]
    Update: April 2018  [PDF: 0.4MB]

C. Aggregate Investigation, Pt. Lots 30-32, Conc. 4 E.H.S., Town of Mono, Geological
 [PDF: 5MB]

D. Agricultural Impact Assessment, DBH Soil Services Inc.  [PDF: 4.2MB]
    Update: January 2018  [PDF: 0.7MB]
    Update: March 2018  [PDF: 0.5MB]

E. Natural Environment Levels 1 & 2 Report and Environmental Impact Statement, Robin Craig, B.Sc., M.Sc.
 [PDF: 3MB]
    Update: January 2018  [PDF: 7.5MB]
    Update: April 2018  [PDF: 5MB]

F. Proposed Violet Hill Gravel Pit, Town of Mono, Traffic Review, C.C. Tatham and Associates Ltd.  [PDF: 1.4MB]
    Update: July 2017  [PDF: 3.3MB]
    Update: January 2018  [PDF: 4MB]
    Update: April 2018  [PDF: 5.5MB]
    Update: August 2018  [PDF: 0.5MB]

G. Air Quality Assessment Report, Trinity Consultants Ontario Inc.  [PDF: 6.7MB]
    Update: June 2017  [PDF: 7MB]
    Update: January 2018  [PDF: 0.2MB]
    Update: July 2018  [PDF: 0.2MB]

H. A Stage 1 & 2 Archaeological Resource Assessment, Pt. Lot 32, Concession 4 E.H.S. Town of Mono
 [PDF: 1.5MB]

    A Stage 1 & 2 Archaeological Resource Assessment, Lot 31 & Pt. Lot 30, Concession 4 E.H.S. Town of Mono. Archaeological Consultants and Contractors.  [PDF: 5MB]

I. Clearance letters from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport.  [PDF:1Mb]

J. Sound Impact Analysis Violet Hill Pit, Valcoustics Canada Ltd.  [PDF: 1.7MB]
    Update: July 2017  [PDF: 0.5MB]
    Update: January 2018  [PDF: 0.3MB]

K. Proposed Violet Hill Pit Combined Level 1 & 2 Hydrogeological Assessment. Whitewater Hydrogeology Ltd.  [PDF: 14MB]
    Update: January 2018  [PDF: 2MB]
    Update: March 2018  [PDF: 1MB]

L. Visual Assessment, Rollings Hyland Consulting.  [PDF: 8MB]
Update: October 22, 2018  [PDF: 6.5MB]